ITB Shorts Episode 2

Posted By Admin on May 10, 2012

The ACC just agreed to a revamped media deal with ESPN. The deal is for .6 billion over 15 years and gives the Worldwide Leader exclusive rights to all ACC contests on a first, second and third tier basis. Some folks reacted as though the league has finally made it big. Others were beyond disappointed as they looked at the numbers and saw more of the same. Today, I take a quick spin around the podcast to give some thoughts on the new media deal.

From where I sit, the deal is good but not great. It closes the gap but does not eliminate it by any means. But, ultimately it is the bed the ACC has made for itself and while Florida State and Clemson want for more, the on the field product has to warrant the pay out and it has not.

Enjoy the show folks and if you have topics or questions send them into me via twitter.

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