ITB Shorts Episode 5

Posted By Admin on May 15, 2012

The college football bubble is swelling. FBS teams like UT-San Antonio, Texas State and South Alabama have decided to step up to the big plate. Now Liberty is seeking to do the same. My guy, Kyle Kensing over at Saturday Blitz, wrote a pretty compelling article about this “boom” mentality and the idea that they can get more money by getting to the FBS level. Ultimately it boils down to sustainability and if you have not seen recently, FBS football does not exactly sustain itself. It takes money, lots of it, to field a team; and even more to field a consistent winner.

So how do you regulate it? How do you save schools from themselves and their own delusions of grandeur? Right now, you can’t. You need smart athletic directors; like at Appalachian State and Villanova. Men who realize the expanded travel for all programs and increased scholarships are a cost that can cripple an athletic department. It ultimately is not fair to the schools or to the programs to push for a goal that they will never reach.

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