East Coast football’s downtrodden status contradicts its metropolitan reputation

Admin | September 15, 2013

Got a guest post today from Parker Jones that I wanted to publish and share with everyone. Enjoy! Read the rest of this post Copyright © 2013, College Football Cafeteria | Don’t forget to check out our college football playoff proposal. College Football Cafeteria

Tulsa Is Moving To The Big East

Admin | March 26, 2013

The ever changing Big East landscape has changed once again. Tulsa will be joining the league in 2014. By my count that means of the 12 schools they will have in 2015, 9 of them were at one point members of Conference USA. Kind of like how the MWC was basically all once the WAC. [...]

From Big East To Big Bust

Admin | December 13, 2012

Wow, the Big East really will never know what hit them. For those of you unfamiliar with all the history and background, let’s do a quick rundown. The Big Ten kicked everything off in 2010 by poaching Nebraska from the Big 12. At the time the Big 12 looked doomed as the Pac-10 came looking [...]

Memphis To The Big East And MWC/CUSA Merger

Admin | February 18, 2012

The Big East is finally done expanding. Took them long enough. Memphis is the newest team to be added in all sports beginning in 2013. Good move for the Big East, much better than San Diego State who only got the invite because they were so desperate to bring in Boise State. But at any [...]

ESPNTriangle & 620 The Buzz: Boise State in Big East Plus Larry Fedora & UNC

Admin | December 19, 2011

Early in the morning I got a chance to jump on one of my favorite radio shows, The Insiders with Mark Thomas and Mike Maniscalco on 620 The Buzz and ESPN Triangle. Unlike last chat Mark Thomas and I are aligned in this discussion while Mike Maniscalco falls on the other side when we get [...]

Is The Big East Finally Expanding?

Admin | December 7, 2011

It seems the long rumored expansion of the Big East may finally be upon us. Reports indicate that UCF, SMU and Houston will be joining the Big East as full members. Boise State, San Diego State and Navy will be joining in football only. Now, for a little analysis. WRONG MOVE! Read the rest of [...]

TCU & Southern Miss: How We Learned To Love The Big East

Admin | November 23, 2011

Last night, after the Jerry Sandusky circus got off my television screen, I got the hankering to do a little research and dig through a few info-facts to help clear up the BCS picture for myself. You know going to the official site, looking at past numbers and finishes by BCS teams with one-loss, two-losses [...]

West Virginia Has Filed A Lawsuit Against The Big East

Admin | November 2, 2011

West Virginia wants to leave the Big East. Bad. They have now filed a lawsuit against their soon-to-be-former conference so that they can bypass the 27 month waiting period before bolting for the Big 12. What is this lawsuit about? West Virginia claims the Big East did not hold up their end of the contract, [...]

Game Report – East Kilbride Pirates hit the road running

Admin | April 29, 2011

The Pirates hit the road running in their 2011 campaign opening fixture away against the Gateshead Senators, but not before it looked like it might stall at the first attempt. They had to wait while their hosts and the match day officials debated the level of medical cover available. The problems were eventually resolved and [...]

East Kilbride Pirates granted Community Amateur Sports Club status

Admin | April 28, 2011

The East Kilbride Pirates are pleased to announce that they’re now one of a handful of American Football teams in the UK to be granted Community Amateur Sports Club status by HM Revenue & Customs. This status allows the Pirates to claim gift aid on donations made to both their Senior and Youth teams, as [...]