What Is Football Analytics?

Admin | February 27, 2014

Analytics in football is one of the hot topics in recent years. What began as a hobby for guys like me has turned into a serious and growing field. It's been gaining attention in the media, and now teams themselves have begun to pay attention, many of which have hired analysts to help provide insight [...]

FOX Football Daily Reacts To Michael Sam’s Announcement

Admin | February 19, 2014

Brendon Ayanbadejo talks about Michael Sam’s decision to announce he’s gay. NFL Gridiron Gab

Can Johnny Football be productive right away?

Admin | January 13, 2014

Going Pro:  So, Johnny Manziel will be playing on Sundays this coming autumn. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but there will be a lot of mystery surrounding his fantasy status. Not many rookie QBs step into the league and start throwing for big yardage and touchdowns from day one. RGIII and Andrew Luck were [...]

What Subjects Do Fans Want To See In Season Four Of “A Football Life”

Admin | January 11, 2014

If your into the great job that NFL Films does with their show “A Football Life,” then you look forward each week to the excellent work done with each story line and subject that’s chosen. This season (season 3) there’s already shows produced, with some like the life of Jerry Smith and Jerry Rice that [...]

2014 College Football Preseason Rankings

Admin | January 8, 2014

Ever year at the College Football Cafeteria we comb the Internet for all the speculation about the preseason rankings for the upcoming season. We have found quite a bit for the 2014 preseason rankings. We have added them all up the same way the AP poll uses the ballots of voters to create their rankings. [...]

Worst Article about Football Analytics of 2013

Admin | January 4, 2014

I came across this article from a website called Trending Buffalo just yesterday. It's from September, but unfortunately it's one of the top 10 results if you google football analytics. Although the author is misinformed or uninformed or both, I sense that his feelings are shared by a large number of fans and traditional analysts [...]

How The College Football Playoff Committee Should Operate

Admin | December 12, 2013

Any fan of college football knows the BCS is ending after this season, and good riddance. What many don’t know is how the playoff committee is going to operate next season. And guess what? They don’t know yet either. There are literally no rules or criteria for this committee to follow yet. So I took [...]

Week 12 Fantasy Football Skilled Positional Rankings

Admin | November 25, 2013

By Troy Jefferson Quarterback 1. Matthew Stafford vs. Tampa Bay 2. Peyton Manning vs. New England 3. Cam Newton vs. Miami 4. Andrew Luck vs. Arizona 5. Tony Romo vs. New York Giants 6. Tom Brady vs. Denver 7. Colin Kaepernick vs. Washington 8. Mike Glennon vs. Detroit 9. Case Keenum vs. Jacksonville 10. Robert [...]

Golden Tate dishes on his love of fantasy football

Admin | November 14, 2013

  How many NFL players are hard core fantasy players themselves? It’s hard to say for sure, but Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate is one of them. Tate was kind enough to stop in and join Michael Fabiano from NFL Fantasy Live to talk about a number of different topics. We have yet to [...]

A Football Life: Cris Carter’s fantasy evolution

Admin | November 13, 2013

It was once said that all Cris Carter did was catch touchdowns. That would have been good enough to make him a fantasy star — except he did so much more. NFL.com Blogs